Organized in 1971, the Upper Peninsula Labor-Management Council, Inc. is established to serve as a representative group from both labor and management in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The Council was formed with the belief by both labor and management that the goals of each side are harmonious in most cases, and that there should be a separate and distinct organization that both sides can participate in to further their mutual goal.


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*Promote Labor and Management cooperation within the public and private sector through education.

*  Recognize the rights of both Labor and Management to co-exist and prosper.

*  Promote a greater understanding to the public through examples of effective Labor-Management cooperation.

*  Enhance the growth and stability of quality jobs in the Upper Peninsula by cooperation with others that are promoting and working towards this goal.

Upper Peninsula Labor-Management Council, Inc.

2016 Annual Conference Food Drive

U.P. Labor-Management Council Holds 46th Annual Conference  - Approximately 125 people attended the U.P. Labor-Management Council's 46th Annual Conference on Thursday, March 3rd at Michigan Technological University, Houghton.  Management and labor representatives throughout the Upper Peninsula gathered for a day of education and networking to promote cooperation in the workplace.  Six sessions were held at the one-day conference.  The first general session was "Mediate that Grievance" presented by Federal Mediator Don Maki, Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The second session, presented by Attorneys Gabe Cameron and Sam Larrabee, Upper Michigan Law, Escanaba, was "Workers' Compensation: What Labor & Management Need to Know".  Three morning breakout sessions were then offered to the attendees.  "Past Practice at Arbitration" was presented by Attorney Kathryn VanDagens, Lansing; "Top Five Mistakes the Other Side Makes Handling Grievances" was presented by Attorney Gary Patterson, Masud Labor Law Group, Saginaw, and MEA Staff Attorney Suzanne K. Clark; and "Negotiation Language" presented by Motivational Transition Coach David Hulings, Hulings & Associates, Muskegon.  The morning breakout sessions were offered again in the afternoon after lunch.  The conference ended with a forty-five minute motivational session with David Hulings entitled "The Four Voices of Change".  As part of the event, attendees donated non-perishable food items for the Husky Food Access Network.  More information about the conference can be found at the Council website at or by contacting the Council office at 906-466-0155.

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2015 Annual Conference Food Drive


U.P. Labor-Management Council, Inc.