Organized in 1971, the Upper Peninsula Labor-Management Council, Inc. is established to serve as a representative group from both labor and management in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The Council was formed with the belief by both labor and management that the goals of each side are harmonious in most cases, and that there should be a separate and distinct organization that both sides can participate in to further their mutual goal.


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*Promote Labor and Management cooperation within the public and private sector through education.

*  Recognize the rights of both Labor and Management to co-exist and prosper.

*  Promote a greater understanding to the public through examples of effective Labor-Management cooperation.

*  Enhance the growth and stability of quality jobs in the Upper Peninsula by cooperation with others that are promoting and working towards this goal.

2018 Annual Conference Food Drive


The Michigan Labor Management Association provides training programs for interested individuals.  Check out their course catalog at

USW Local 2-21 President Steve Benoit and Local 2-21 member Joe Curran presented a check in the amount of $15774.48 to the U.P. Labor-Management Council on behalf of the Local 2-21membership.  The check represents one hour of wages donated by each member of Local 2-21.


2015 Annual Conference Food Drive


U.P. Labor-Management Council, Inc.

Upper Peninsula Labor-Management Council, Inc.

2019 Annual Conference Food Drive

The Upper Peninsula Labor-Management Council $500 Scholarship for High School Seniors is awarded annually to the winner selected from the applicants who meet eligibility requirements.  Annually, one $500 scholarship will be awarded for the fall semester.  

Any high school senior who has participated in a High School Collective Bargaining Workshop is eligible to apply for this scholarship.  Payment of the award will be made directly to the student upon providing the UPLMC with proof of enrollment.

All matters pertaining to the selection of the scholarship winner will be decided by the UPLMC Board of Directors and their decision will be final.  The scholarship committee will carefully consider each application on the basis of the selection criteria.

This is an endowment scholarship fund agreement between the Community Foundation of the Upper Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula Labor-Management Council.